Exciting and mysterious adventure in The Room

Welcome to The Room – unique escape game in Bratislava that will test your abilities, logical thinking, improvisation and resistance to stress. Let yourself lock into one of our mysterious rooms that you can leave only when you find all the keys.

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But be careful! To escape The Room you will have only 70 minutes. The way out is through solving various tasks, riddles, puzzles,codes and unlocking numerical locks. You can find them anywhere in the room. If you want to succeed, you have to rely on intelligence, ability and teamwork. Invite friends and colleagues, The Room is the perfect place for a teambuildings or date.

You can choose from 3 different thematic escape adventures or try them all!

After game you can enjoy time in our coffee bar ŠTVRŤ and try local beer and homemade snacks.


Are you ready for escape adventure in The Room? Our roomasters speak English.

Reserve your game at least 24 hours before start on +421 910 888 998 or on e-mail: info@theroom.sk

Entrance fee for one 70 minutes game is 49 EUR per 1 group (2-5 players)

Hint: surprise your friends and family with gift voucher for the game!

Opening hours:

Monday – Sunday

10.00 a.m. – 10.00 p.m.


Martinengova 2, Bratislava (above city castle)

Escape game rules

We build The Room in such a way that only exceptional teams could solve it.

The Room is the hardest escape room in Slovakia created by team of psychologists.

We bring you adventurous game where you solve complex tasks and the time is ticking away…

  • The team of 2-5 players is locked in the room. Your task is to find a way out with friends. You’ ve got only 70 minutes.
  • You have to find 10 keys for open locks on the entrance door.
  • Carefully observe ordinary and extraordinary objects in the room.
  • Decrypt codes, open locks, solve puzzles and use things what you find to complete the game.
  • Try to connect the objects in the room, and investigate how they relate to each other.
  • If you solve the puzzle, you do not return to it, each has a one-time use only.
  • By solving puzzles seek also possibilty how to turn on lights in mysterious room.
  • Dress code is: free, just feel comfortable.
  • We recommended entrance to The Room for children over 10 years old.
  • Children under 15 could play just when accompanied by an adult.

The Room is perfect game for:

  • Modern teambuildings

Teambuilding in The Room shows hidden faces of your colleagues. After finishing this adventure game, most teams clearly know what they can expected from each other. Experience with the escape game could start changes that allow people work together better.

  • Couples

Expand your fondest memories gallery. You don´t have time for your loved ones? The Room is attractive way how to get more unforgettable common experiences. And it will show new face of your partner. Try out how you can work together, when your life is in the game ;-)

  • Singles

Plan your first date in The Room! You get to know each other quickly and you do not have to think what to talk about ;-)

  • Families with children

Children with parents are welcomed in The Room. 70 minutes spent together and cooperate is for children and adults often completely new experience. Children would never forget this adventure, and parents could experience surprise fact – that kids can do more than they thought. We recommended entrance to The Room for children over 10 years old. Children under 15 could play just when accompanied by an adult.





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